BodyMapping.h File Reference


 Storage for detected contacts which can be used to perform actions for all contacts, e.g.


template<typename BoundaryHandling_T >
void walberla::pe_coupling::mapBody (pe::BodyID body, IBlock &block, StructuredBlockStorage &blockStorage, const BlockDataID &boundaryHandlingID, const FlagUID &obstacle)
template<typename BoundaryHandling_T >
void walberla::pe_coupling::mapBodies (StructuredBlockStorage &blockStorage, const BlockDataID &boundaryHandlingID, const BlockDataID &bodyStorageID, pe::BodyStorage &globalBodyStorage, const FlagUID &obstacle, const std::function< bool(pe::BodyID)> &mappingBodySelectorFct=selectAllBodies)
 Mapping function to map all bodies - with certain properties - onto all blocks with the 'obstacle' flag. More...