walberla::timeloop Namespace Reference


struct  AfterFunction
struct  BeforeFunction
struct  FuncCreator
class  ITimeloop
class  PerformanceMeter
struct  SelectableFunction
struct  SweepAdder
struct  SweepOnBlock
class  SweepTimeloop
 Timeloop that runs a collection of sweeps. More...
class  Timeloop
 Abstract base class for time loops. More...


typedef FuncCreator< void(IBlock *) > Sweep
typedef std::function< void()> VoidFctNoArguments


template<typename FlagField_T >
uint_t flagFieldCountFunction (const IBlock &block, ConstBlockDataID flagFieldID, typename FlagField_T::flag_t mask)
template<typename SweepClass >
void executeSweepOnBlock (IBlock *block, BlockDataID bdID)

Typedef Documentation

typedef FuncCreator<void (IBlock*) > walberla::timeloop::Sweep
typedef std::function<void ()> walberla::timeloop::VoidFctNoArguments

Function Documentation

template<typename SweepClass >
void walberla::timeloop::executeSweepOnBlock ( IBlock *  block,
BlockDataID  bdID 
template<typename FlagField_T >
uint_t walberla::timeloop::flagFieldCountFunction ( const IBlock &  block,
ConstBlockDataID  flagFieldID,
typename FlagField_T::flag_t  mask