walberla::mesa_pd::data::Sphere Class Reference

#include <Sphere.h>

+ Inheritance diagram for walberla::mesa_pd::data::Sphere:

Public Member Functions

 Sphere (const real_t &radius)
const real_tgetRadius () const
void updateMassAndInertia (const real_t density) override
 Updates mass and inertia according to the actual shape. More...
real_t getVolume () const override
Vec3 support (const Vec3 &d) const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from walberla::mesa_pd::data::BaseShape
 BaseShape (const int shapeType)
virtual ~BaseShape ()=default
const real_tgetMass () const
const real_tgetInvMass () const
const Mat3getInertiaBF () const
const Mat3getInvInertiaBF () const
const int & getShapeType () const

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr int SHAPE_TYPE = 1
 Unique shape type identifier for spheres. More...
- Static Public Attributes inherited from walberla::mesa_pd::data::BaseShape
static const int INVALID_SHAPE = -1
 Unique invalid shape type identifier. More...

Private Attributes

real_t radius_
 radius of the sphere More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from walberla::mesa_pd::data::BaseShape
real_t mass_ = real_t(0)
 mass More...
real_t invMass_ = real_t(0)
 inverse mass More...
Mat3 inertiaBF_ = Mat3(real_t(0))
 inertia matrix in the body frame More...
Mat3 invInertiaBF_ = Mat3(real_t(0))
 inverse inertia matrix in the body frame More...
int shapeType_ = INVALID_SHAPE

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

walberla::mesa_pd::data::Sphere::Sphere ( const real_t radius)

Member Function Documentation

const real_t& walberla::mesa_pd::data::Sphere::getRadius ( ) const
real_t walberla::mesa_pd::data::Sphere::getVolume ( ) const
Vec3 walberla::mesa_pd::data::Sphere::support ( const Vec3 d) const
void walberla::mesa_pd::data::Sphere::updateMassAndInertia ( const real_t  density)

Updates mass and inertia according to the actual shape.

Reimplemented from walberla::mesa_pd::data::BaseShape.

Member Data Documentation

real_t walberla::mesa_pd::data::Sphere::radius_

radius of the sphere

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