walberla::geometry::GrayScaleImage Class Reference

Detailed Description

A gray scale image.

Can be loaded from png files

#include <GrayScaleImage.h>

Public Types

using pixel_t = unsigned char

Public Member Functions

 GrayScaleImage (uint_t _width, uint_t _height)
 GrayScaleImage (const std::string &pngFilename)
void save (const std::string &pngFilename)
GrayScaleImage getResizedImage (uint_t newWidth, uint_t newHeight, bool bilinear=true) const
uint_t width () const
uint_t height () const
uint_t size (uint_t coord) const
real_t operator() (cell_idx_t x, cell_idx_t y) const
void setElement (cell_idx_t x, cell_idx_t y, real_t val)
unsigned char & getElement (cell_idx_t x, cell_idx_t y)
unsigned char getElement (cell_idx_t x, cell_idx_t y) const

Static Public Member Functions

static pixel_t pixelValueFromString (const std::string &str)

Protected Member Functions

 GrayScaleImage ()=default

Protected Attributes

uint_t size_ [2]
std::vector< unsigned char > image_

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ pixel_t

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ GrayScaleImage() [1/3]

walberla::geometry::GrayScaleImage::GrayScaleImage ( uint_t  _width,
uint_t  _height 

◆ GrayScaleImage() [2/3]

walberla::geometry::GrayScaleImage::GrayScaleImage ( const std::string &  pngFilename)

◆ GrayScaleImage() [3/3]

walberla::geometry::GrayScaleImage::GrayScaleImage ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ getElement() [1/2]

unsigned char & walberla::geometry::GrayScaleImage::getElement ( cell_idx_t  x,
cell_idx_t  y 

◆ getElement() [2/2]

unsigned char walberla::geometry::GrayScaleImage::getElement ( cell_idx_t  x,
cell_idx_t  y 
) const

◆ getResizedImage()

GrayScaleImage walberla::geometry::GrayScaleImage::getResizedImage ( uint_t  newWidth,
uint_t  newHeight,
bool  bilinear = true 
) const

◆ height()

uint_t walberla::geometry::GrayScaleImage::height ( ) const

◆ operator()()

real_t walberla::geometry::GrayScaleImage::operator() ( cell_idx_t  x,
cell_idx_t  y 
) const

◆ pixelValueFromString()

GrayScaleImage::pixel_t walberla::geometry::GrayScaleImage::pixelValueFromString ( const std::string &  str)

◆ save()

void walberla::geometry::GrayScaleImage::save ( const std::string &  pngFilename)

◆ setElement()

void walberla::geometry::GrayScaleImage::setElement ( cell_idx_t  x,
cell_idx_t  y,
real_t  val 

◆ size()

uint_t walberla::geometry::GrayScaleImage::size ( uint_t  coord) const

◆ width()

uint_t walberla::geometry::GrayScaleImage::width ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

◆ image_

std::vector<unsigned char> walberla::geometry::GrayScaleImage::image_

◆ size_

uint_t walberla::geometry::GrayScaleImage::size_[2]

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