Setup Eclipse

Instructions how to configure eclipse (project import, coding style, templates)

Import in Eclipse

First clone the repository, create a build folder, and configure your build as described in Get and Build waLBerla.

If you followed the suggested directory layout, you have the following folders:

  parent/walberla             - the source directory as obtained from git
  parent/walberla-build       - an empty directory for building walberla
  parent/walberla-build-debug - possibly multiple build folders with different configurations

In eclipse, import the source directory as "Makefile Project with existing Code". In the project settings of the newly generated project, set up the build folder to reference your build directory (by default, it is equal to the source directory). If you have multiple build directories, you can create an eclipse build configuration for each folder.

Coding Style

waLBerla comes with a file that defines the recommended coding style that should be used throughout the project. It describes the formatting of the source code (white spaces, indentation, etc.).

To import the coding style definition file into eclipse:

  • Window → Preferences → C/C++ → Code Style → Formatter → Import
  • Select codingStyle.xml in "utilities/eclipse"

Code Snippets

Available code snippets:

  • doxyblock: doxygen block
  • doxysblock: short doxygen block
  • doxygroup: doxygen member group
  • doxyseparator: named separator line
  • walberlaHeader: template for a new waLBerla header
  • walberlaSource: template for a new waLBerla source file

To import these snippets:

  • Window → Preferences → C/C++ → Editor → Templates → Import
  • Select file editorTemplateComment.xml in "utilities/eclipse"

After that, they can be used in any source file by typing one of the keywords, followed by Ctrl+Space.


They dictionary file contains words that are ignored by the eclipse spell checking.

To import:

  • Window → Preferences → General → Editors → Text Editors → Spelling
  • Make sure that "C/C++ spelling engine" is active at "Select spelling engine to use"
  • Select file eclipseDict.txt in "utilities/eclipse" at "User defined Dictionary"