VoxelFileReader.impl.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Defines class StructuredGeometryFileReader that provides a reader for waLBerla geometry files.

Christian Godenschwager chris.nosp@m.tian.nosp@m..gode.nosp@m.nsch.nosp@m.wager.nosp@m.@fau.nosp@m..de Note that the data is stored in binary form. There is no correction for other binary data representations on different architectures (e.g. different Endianess)!


 Storage for detected contacts which can be used to perform actions for all contacts, e.g.


void walberla::geometry::validateCellInterval (const CellInterval &cellInterval)
 Validate if the given CellInterval can be converted to a CellAABB. More...
CellAABB walberla::geometry::toCellAABB (const CellInterval &cellInterval)
 Converts a CellInterval to a CellAABB. More...