blockforest Module


createUniformBlockGrid(cells, cellsPerBlock, blocks, periodic=(0, 0, 0), dx=1.0, oneBlockPerProcess=True)

Creates a new uniform StructuredBlockStorage. Similar to cpp function createUniformBlockGridFromConfig. Specify either cells or (cellsPerBlock and blocks).

  • cells – 3-tuple with total numbers of cells in x,y,z direction. The returned BlockStorage may have more cells if the cell count in a dimension is not divisible by the number of processes. If this parameter is set, cellsPerBlock and blocks must not be set.
  • cellsPerBlock – 3-tuple with total number of cells per block in x,y,z direction. If this parameter is set, also blocks has to be set, but not cells
  • blocks – 3-tuple with total number of blocks in x,y,z direction. When using this parameter you also have to pass cellsPerBlock.
  • periodic – Periodicity of the domain in x,y,z direction
  • dx – Side length of a single cell.
  • oneBlockPerProcess – If True, each process gets one block. If False, all blocks are put to one process. The second option makes only sense for debugging or testing.