walberla::cell::CellSet Member List

This is the complete list of members for walberla::cell::CellSet, including all inherited members.

begin() constwalberla::Set< Cell >inline
begin()walberla::Set< Cell >inline
boundingBox() constwalberla::cell::CellSet
CellSet(const Cell &element)walberla::cell::CellSetinline
CellSet(const CellVector &cells)walberla::cell::CellSetinline
const_iterator typedefwalberla::Set< Cell >
contains(const cell_idx_t x, const cell_idx_t y, const cell_idx_t z) constwalberla::cell::CellSetinline
contains(const uint_t x, const uint_t y, const uint_t z) constwalberla::cell::CellSetinline
emptySet()walberla::Set< Cell >inlinestatic
end() constwalberla::Set< Cell >inline
end()walberla::Set< Cell >inline
get() constwalberla::Set< Cell >inline
get()walberla::Set< Cell >inline
insert(const cell_idx_t x, const cell_idx_t y, const cell_idx_t z)walberla::cell::CellSetinline
insert(const uint_t x, const uint_t y, const uint_t z)walberla::cell::CellSetinline
Set< Cell >::insert(const Cell &element)walberla::Set< Cell >inline
Set< Cell >::insert(iterator position, const Cell &element)walberla::Set< Cell >inline
Set< Cell >::insert(InputIterator first, InputIterator last)walberla::Set< Cell >inline
iterator typedefwalberla::Set< Cell >
operator&=(const Set< Cell > &set)walberla::Set< Cell >inline
operator+=(const Set< Cell > &set)walberla::Set< Cell >inline
operator-=(const Set< Cell > &set)walberla::Set< Cell >inline
pushToCellVector(CellVector &cellVector) constwalberla::cell::CellSetinline
Set()=defaultwalberla::Set< Cell >inline
Set(const Cell &element)walberla::Set< Cell >inline
set_walberla::Set< Cell >private
size() constwalberla::Set< Cell >inline
swap(Set< Cell > &set)walberla::Set< Cell >inline
toStream(std::ostream &os) constwalberla::Set< Cell >
toString() constwalberla::Set< Cell >inline
value_type typedefwalberla::Set< Cell >
~Set()=defaultwalberla::Set< Cell >inlinevirtual